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PS Vita TV Is Region Locked To Japan

Bad news if you were planning to import a PS Vita TV to avoid waiting for a Western release to be confirmed, as you’ll only be able to use it with a Japanese PSN account at the current time.

“Initial signs are not good” says NeoGAF user desbang – “it will only let me log in with my Japanese account”. Hoping the 3.00 firmware would change things, he updated but to no avail, with a message saying that the “seservice is not available” in his region, rendering the system useless to him.

PS Vita TV offers a way for you to play Vita games on your the big screen – naturally – as well as stream your PS4 to another screen very easily over WiFi, essentially offering Remote Play on a bigger scale.

It won’t play all Vita games, though – the user notes that the system comes with a list of 60 games which are not compatible. It seems quite limited, at least for now, though if the price is right it might just be worth it upon a release here in your territory.

Source: NeoGAF


  1. Well that’s stupid on Sony part, they best release this worldwide

  2. Fucksticks. That’s blown that plan out of the water.

    • Did you order one? I nearly did but then decided to hold in case a black one was announced. To be fair the compatible Vita games list hasn’t been talked about in a few months and it definitely suits the Japanese tastes better than ours, no doubt the likes of Wipeout and Uncharted will be patched in the future but until they are I’m not so anxious to get hold of one.

  3. They’ve got to throw their own territory a bit of a bone given the PS4 delay…. this shouldn’t really be anything to get up in arms about until next year.

  4. I’d definitely buy one if it becomes available in the Uk, so here’s hoping!

  5. That guy over at NeoGAF didn’t seem to know much at all, if it’s possible to sign in to PSN and not the store, everything should work out anyway if you have a PS3 (or PS4) as you can download games there and just sync(?) to the Vita TV.

    • No, you can only play the games which are bought with the account signed in on the Vita, and you can’t transfer from a PS3 to a Vita (or PSP) registered to a different PSN account.

  6. 60 games not compatible? I didnt even know there was 60 games on the Vita. Honest, everytime i browse for something to play i see the same 5-10 games in every shop

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