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WeView Verdict: Killzone: Mercenary

Awesome Buy It x 227.

Killzone: Mercenary is a fantastic game. A really solid shooter, made perfectly for Sony’s handheld platform. That seems to be an opinion shared by much of the TSA community, as comments on the WeView post were extremely positive.

Youles was one of the first to praise the “brilliant game”, from the controls to the visuals and everything in between, including the loadout system. He wasn’t happy with the initial loading times, but couldn’t really complain as what followed was great.

The game’s visuals were a big talking point, with cam_manutd describing it as “a console quality game on a handheld” and “a visual feast broken down into sizeable missions” and wonkey-willy saying that “graphically, it looks awesome”. Avenger also jumped on the graphic bandwagon, saying that the game “looked gorgeous and played smoothly”.

“I was amazed by the first level with the graphics and situation, felt like it was a PS3 game.” continued stueeeee, while Greg Turner said that it was “the best handheld shooter ever made”.

Multiplayer is also considered great by the TSA hivemind, though many pointed out the connection issues. While mrfodder said “online worked well”, cam_manutd complained that it was at first “near broken for connection issues” and that there are limited numbers still playing.

Some advice came from leeroye “I suggest you play Resistance and then play this straight after, the difference in quality in all aspects of the game is clear to see.” while BLAGGER “felt it was much better than KZ3”.

Eldur was excited about the prospect of a sequel:

What’s most exciting, for me at least, is the thought that Guerrilla Cambridge might be working on a sequel. If they manage to build on the base that they’ve developed with their first iteration, then Mercenary could become a very promising franchise indeed.

Tuffcub rounded it up very well with a comment which repeated “Awesome” and “Buy It” two hundred and twenty seven times. That’s far too much to repost here, but click through to read the incredible wall of text.

The most important thing to take away from this WeView Verdict is that every single person gave it a Buy It rating. That’s 17 people telling you to buy it in total, and if we’re counting multiples then that’s 243 Buy It ratings in total.

Buy it. That’s 244.

We’ve got something special coming up instead of WeView tomorrow, and there’s no game in particular involved. We do have a poll, so you can vote for next week’s game. With GTA V in there, I think it might be obvious what your choice will be!

  1. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    I’ve got a Vita on the way now, woohoo! I think I know what my first post Christmas purchase will be :)

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 15:13.
    • blackredyellow
      Since: Mar 2009

      You’re re-buying?

      Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 16:29.
      • ron_mcphatty
        Since: Sep 2008

        Yeah, and I’m getting a slim one too, a friends bringing it with him from Tokyo :)

        Comment posted on 10/12/2013 at 07:37.
  2. Muskyy
    Since: Dec 2011

    Traded this in for BF4. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I’ve always hated how heavy Killzone feels. Only got it because it was the only PS4 bundle available.

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 15:31.
    • Muskyy
      Since: Dec 2011

      Thought this was Shadow Fall xD, disregard that comment ^^

      Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 15:33.
  3. Broonba
    Since: Mar 2009

    I haven’t played this yet but I’ll definitely be picking it up at some point.

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 16:32.
  4. matthangzhou
    Since: Sep 2010

    Will be buying this ASAP.

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 17:06.
  5. flatspikes
    Since: May 2009

    This and Tearaway are keeping my Vita as busy as my PS4!

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 19:52.
  6. Megamoppy
    Since: Apr 2012

    Ah i missed out on sharing my two cents but i’ll do it anyway =P
    Personally i found this game fairly dissappointing, the graphics were great but the story was mediocre (Killzone has such a great setting yet i’m continually dissappointed by the story in each game). The guns all felt very similar, there wasn’t really much variation in enemy types, it was very short however melee controls were very enjoyable and the little robot buddy you had was pretty cool.

    Didnt have a chance to try online as I downloaded the initial patch and couldn’t find a game and then they want yet another gig to be able to actually play it, no thanks i’m ok.

    I’d say rent it as it is an ejoyable shooter just nothing special.

    Comment posted on 09/12/2013 at 21:02.

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