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What We Played #138: Knack, FIFA 14 & Pivvot

The back to work/school one.

This time last year I was mostly skipping what I played each week as it was always the same game. That’s likely to be the case for the next few months too, unless I become bored of Warframe, and I can’t see that happening. With random challenges and rewards to counteract the levelling up and progression fatigue that might otherwise occur as I work towards earning a few of the titular Warframes, I’m always looking forward to playing more and it’ll keep me going for a while.

The “very enjoyable” Knack is Dom’s favourite game of the generation so far, but as we’re not far in and he hasn’t played the likes of Killzone, AC IV and NfS Rivals yet, that could easily change. It is at least ahead of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at this point.

He also enjoyed the “buggy” [pardon his pun] Amazing Spider-Man on the PS Vita that he’s just reviewed for us and is currently working his way through Mario Party: Island Tour on the Nintendo 3DS, so keep an eye open for his forthcoming review of that too.

Between exams DanToo isn’t revising as much you might expect:

On PC I’ve played Football Manager 2013 which has gone awfully. I was sacked from Man Utd (I had won the FA Cup) after signing a new contract a week before. I was then sacked from QPR for saving them from relegation in the Championship.

I then saved a Bradford team from relegation half way through the following season, had 55% win rate and the board were still disappointed, and when I then moved to Fulham where my season expectations were to finish mid-table, my sacking after finishing 13th determined that was a lie. I don’t play the game any differently to others so I’m not sure why my team never performs for me. I’m probably the most sacked player on the game!

On PS3 I’ve hunted a few T-Rex’s on Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD, played the first half hour of Dead Space 3, messed about on LEGO Star Wars, and I’ve just started Crysis 3.

Meanwhile, Aran is “loving” Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The sailing and plundering is distracting him from making it too far into the game but even though he’s only got to chapter 4 he’s happy to declare it “easily the best of the series”. He’s not alone in having that opinion.

Stefan is to be found either lapping the back-markers in Gran Turismo 6 or dabbling in a bit of Planetary Annihilation. We’ll call it dabbling to spare his blushes, as he admits that the AI is just repeatedly giving him a damn good kicking.

If you’ve ever thought that the one App missing from your iDevice is something akin to LittleBigPlanet‘s create mode but in the style of Terraria, Peter’s found just the thing for you, Createrria. “It’s surprisingly robust as a level builder for platform games and it even has a slingshot so you can recreate basic Angry Birds on your iPhone or iPad.”

Then he took a run out on the pitch with FIFA 14, playing Pro Clubs online for the first time. “There was ten of us from TSA, all in one team, it was manic but very fun.” And while pretending to work on his laptop he’s actually been playing a lot of Game Dev Tycoon.

It’s very similar to Kairosoft’s iOS/Android game, Game Dev Story, but I struggle to have an issue with that because I loved that game too. Basically, you manage a game developer and make games to release and make you rich and adored by the masses. Or you fail hard and end up bankrupt. It’s fun though.

Kris’ answer this week to the eternal question “WWBD?” was that he would run around looking for the handful of Enigma’s datapacks still to be found in Batman: Arkham Origins, that being the only “campaigny” bit of the game still outstanding.

Beyond that it’s been iOS games all the way in the guise of Fightback, Beat Drift and Pivvot. The former being “a sidescrolling beat ’em-up with really good combat, but little else to inspire really.” Apparently it’s also stuffed to the gunwales with microtransactions.

He reckons that if you like games like Super Hexagon then Beat Drift and Pivvot could be worth a look with the latter having “a brilliant soundtrack. Although Pivvot is £1.99, it’s well worth that for the audio alone.”

Last up this week is Jim, who is finding time for games despite having just returned to Uni:

At the forefront of my playlist has been Devil May Cry (last year’s model.) Truth be told I’ve never really been a fan of the Capcom flagship but with Ninja Theory being one of my favourite devs (not to mention it’s free on PS+) I had to give it a try. In short, it’s a great game and a fantastic re-imagining of the series. A strong weapon system, awesome boss battles, and revised characters make it a must. It’s just a shame I didn’t get to try it last year.

Next on the list is DOTA 2. Yes, I’ve fallen into the trap again. It’s been a year since I first started playing Valve’s sublime MOBA and there’s no sign of me stopping. In fact, DOTA 2 was my most-played game in 2013 a rather uncomfortable margin (we’re talking a good hundred hours or so.)

Trailing behind is AC IV: Black Flag. Despite loving Ubi’s latest game in the series, I’ve hit a stone wall. Like many, I enjoy hunting PlayStation trophies but the PS4 version of Black Flag is currently suffering from a server glitch meaning the one trophy I’m looking for is completely unobtainable. I don’t usually overreact to these things, but the whole experience has left a sour taste.

So what have you played these past seven days?

  1. Taylor Made
    Since: Oct 2011

    Played AC4 love it best AC game to date. A bit of trine 2, kill zone,.

    Played FIFA with Youles, the dream team, anyone willing challenge us feel free lol. Need to start Tearaway, had it for nearly a month not even opened

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 17:31.
    • Youles
      Since: Feb 2011

      We were pretty awesome, and unbeaten in Seasons and Pro Clubs as a duo ;)

      Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 18:58.
      • Taylor Made
        Since: Oct 2011

        We did quite well considering we had no mics on. Thought we was going draw with that Chelsea guy but after second goal, we just finished it off

        Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 19:16.
      • Youles
        Since: Feb 2011

        Yeah, and I nearly scored with Hernandez from about 35 yards out lol

        Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 19:30.
  2. R1MJAW
    Since: May 2010

    This week has been a very Nintendo-centric week. I finished off the main Super Mario 3D World worlds and made a start on Wind Waker HD.
    I’ve also played a decent amount of Steamworld Dig and Super Little Acorns on 3DS.
    Aside from those I’ve had a few goes of Don’t Starve on PS4 and more Minecraft on PS3.

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 17:55.
  3. hornet1990
    Since: Mar 2011

    Gave in and picked up Battlefield 4 on the PS4 despite all the alleged issues… and have been pleasantly surprised! Apart from a small bit of rubber banding in one match I’ve not had anything like the problems others are reporting. Blops2 was far worse with plenty of lag and cheap deaths in comparison. Just need to stop getting killed so much!

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 18:01.
    • Cron_13
      Since: Sep 2013

      I had exactly the same thing, set my PS4 to a static IP and set up DMZ and I now have zero rubber banding in even the 64 player conquest maps.

      The game is still buggy as f**k mind you, had it lose my campaign save twice, black screens and crashed three times in the campaign… Other than that its perfect :p lol.

      Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 20:29.
  4. element666
    Since: Mar 2012

    This week I managed to bag the platinum on Lego marvel on PS4 my 95th platinum :)
    Played some AC Black Flag,and also finished tearaway,which is such an awesome game!
    I’ve still got a back log of ps plus goodies to start at some point :-)

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 18:03.
  5. Youles
    Since: Feb 2011

    On PS4 – mostly Fifa 14 trying to get the online and awkward trophies done. Teamed up with Taylor Made to get most of them done – thanks for your help mate.

    A little CoD Ghosts multiplayer and Extinction with McProley. Some Lego Marvel with my wife and eldest son. I also played some Don’t Starve and Escape Plan, since my son loves the latter for some reason.

    On PS3 I played some GTA Online with McProley. I also played the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2, and the first episode of The Wolf Among Us which is bloody brilliant, better than TWD in my opinion. The Fable collectables are also brilliant, providing extra background story. Might even look into the comics. I also picked up the pair of Gran Turismo 5 “online” trophies – since the servers are closing in March, it would be nice if the Platinum was always an option, rather than being unobtainable. I also had a quick blast of GT on PSP and transferred my portable garage across, since I had GT5 in the PS3 anyway.

    On Vita I’ve made a small dent in Lego Lord of the Rings. It’s a bit boring after playing the excellent Marvel on PS4, and occasionally doesn’t tell you where to go, but it was free with PS+!

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 19:13.
    • ron_mcphatty
      Since: Sep 2008

      I love GT on the PSP, I’m always amazed at having the Nurbergring in my pocket! I really hope Polyphony are cooking up a Vita version. Are you going for the GT5 plat then? I wanted to, I even had a daily stint of buying 25 go karts just to bulk up my garage, but the came across that ridiculous Red Bull X1 challenge… Even with a wheel and all the time in the world it would always be beyond me.

      Comment posted on 12/01/2014 at 08:06.
  6. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    Finished main story of AC4. A touch disappointed with the last mission/ending, but overall still loved it. Got about 30% of side stuff left to do. Mainly naval contracts I think. Then just been playing FIFA.

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 19:30.
  7. beeje13
    Since: Jan 2010

    I’m just like Aran said, only on memory sequence 4/12( I think), yet I must have put 15 hours at least (and that’s not including the companion app) and only scratched the surface of the side missions/activities/collectibles/upgrades.

    I’m about done with Killzone shadowfall now , hopefully trade it for BF4 which my mates play alot of.

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 20:28.
  8. Cron_13
    Since: Sep 2013

    Mixed bag for me this week, as since I’d picked up Rayman Legends cheap I decided to finish that on the 360. Was a lot of fun, but for me doesn’t even come close to any of the WiiUs platform offerings (SM3D World, Mario U or Luigi U). Was interesting using the 360 controller after a month of PS4 DS4 use, apart from the battery life I do prefer the DS4 now without question.

    On the PS4 my Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4 turned up. I’ve now finished my first play through of the BF4 campaign after it decided to lose my save twice. I feel that’s quite an achievement lol. Graphics are great but the bugs in that game are shocking. As I’ve said above in the other post its also crashed a few times mid campaign. All that being said its fantastic fun online when its working – my combat medic is progressing ok, up to rank 8 now and unlocked the SAR21 which is a very good gun. Working on unlocking the FAMAS next for smaller maps like death match. Clocked up far to many hours online…

    Assassin’s Creed 4 I’ve been really suprised by. Got it on the 360 and gave up about 25% in. Not because I didn’t enjoy it but the PS4 arrived so I kind of forgot about it. Figured I’d try again on the PS4, and glad I did. Played for quite a few hours, and I’m enjoying exploring and collecting items as opposed to rushing through the story. It plays great via remote play as well, so its become my go-to game when the wife kicks me off the TV!

    Other than that just a bit of Don’t Starve but I keep getting to cocky and get killed by spiders :( good little game though.

    Think between BF4 online and AC4 I’ve got enough to tide me over a while, though that’s not stopped me preordering Tomb Raider Definitive :D

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 20:56.
  9. Moonpie
    Since: Oct 2012

    Got Madden 25 for my birthday (31/12) and that is all I’ve played. Created a few friends to join me on my team of choice.

    Got the ACiv DLC to play and just installed Don’t Starve. At some point will go back to playing BF4 and N4S Rivals. See how this week goes.

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 21:39.
  10. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    I’ve been playing lots of Spyro The Dragon, totally wonderful retro good goodness, Ive felt like I’m back in my mates front room sat on a cushion… watching someone else play :P
    I’ve also started enjoying my free copy of Flower on my Vita. Today I played a bit while say in a car park, which you might say is ironic. It’s great, very impressive looking especially all the blades of grass, but the tilt controls can be a bit of an arse when you’re trying to pull a tight 180. But for a freebie it’s perfect and unlocking a new set of trophies is a nice reward.

    Comment posted on 10/01/2014 at 22:19.

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