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Muramasa Rebirth Cause To Daikon For DLC Will Be Released Next Week

Farmers vs Lord.

Aksys Games has announced that a new DLC will be released next week, and it’s entitled ‘A Cause To Daikon For.’ It will be releasing on February 26th in Europe, while North American fans will be able to experience this new cause on February 25th. The DLC brings in a new story with new bosses and challenges to  take on. There isn’t a price currently announced.

The story of ‘A Cause To Daikon For’ follows Gonbe who joins a farmer’s rebellions due to the lord of the land imposing heavy taxes which feeds the starvation the population is going through. Gonbe is also accompanied by his wife, who happens to be a ghost. New weapons include conventional farming tools like hoes to really get to the root of the evil forces standing in your way. Gonbe’s wife can also help him by transporting him out of battles if they get too tough. Gonbe can also call on other farmers to help in fights.

Source: Aksys Games


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