Far Cry 4 Escape From Durgesh Prison DLC Launches Today

Like a roguelike, right?

PlayStation owners in the US, as well as Xbox and PC players worldwide, will be able to play the first Far Cry 4 DLC campaign from today. It comes as part of the season pass or a separate $9.99 download, and features a few twists on the Far Cry formula. It should be available on the European PS store tomorrow.

The first of those is that you’re under a time limit – you’ve got 30 minutes to get to the extraction point – and the second is much more interesting: permadeath. That’s right: die in the game, and you die in real life. No, wait: die in the game, and you’ll be put back to the start and have to try to complete it again.

To me, that doesn’t sound exciting – I die a lot in Far Cry – but for some, they’ll love the challenge and the new dimension that the DLC brings. You’ll be able to play it in co-op, too, which is probably advised.

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  1. I’d be pretty annoyed if I had bought a Season pass and the first DLC needs a second player to be enjoyed or as it would seem, completed. Unless Ubisoft deliver a second player of course.

  2. Had enough of Far Cry 4 now. Got a lot of hours out of the campaign, but in no hurry to return to Kyrat.

    • Same. I plowed through it for the platinum in under 2 weeks… Glad to have a break from it to be honest.

      Thoroughly enjoyed the game but I sincerely hope FC5 brings something new to the table. Felt too much like FC3 to me.

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