Ratchet & Clank Gameplay Video Released, Watch It Here

Grind rails and bullets

There comes a time in a writer life when they think “Sod it, I’ve run out of clever intros” and they just give up. This usually occurs after being up for most of the night reporting on E3 conferences.

I’ll probably be better after coffee, but in the meantime here is a new gameplay video for PS4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank. Watch it, it’s pretty.

Source: YouTube


  1. There have been a few mis-steps in the R&C series of late, but this looks to bring back the simple pleasure of single player platforming and shooting. I’m interested in R&C again.

  2. I would love an early demo but this will be day one for me anyway.

  3. Can’t believe how good this looks. Hopefully, they’ll remake the second (my favourite) game too.

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