Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Gets New Trailer & Details

An announcement from the Minionstry.

Codemasters has released a new trailer for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, as well as giving some more information about the game. First off the studio has confirmed that the single player will be just as well done as the co-op play. Within single player campaign the stats for enemies will be adjusted, and more minions will be available for command to make up for the lack of other players.

Players will be able to switch between the four Netherghūl character before missions, and each one will have their own upgrades and skills that can be used in the campaign. There will  Browns, Reds, Greens and Blues minion types, and they can be upgraded too to improve their skills. A new character called Rickets makes her debut as a weaponsmith, and she can craft different instruments of pain as long as you have the right parts and currency.

There’s also no limit on who can play with who on the multiplayer. It doesn’t matter where you are in the story or what level your character is. There will be some scaling down on more powerful players so newer players can still have a shot of doing things in game too. Loot is free for all and you will be competing with others to get some of the better drops in a level.

Source: Codemasters

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  1. ok, so, if it plays like Diablo it could be fun.

    i’d still like to see more of the minions in game.
    you can’t beat the fun of sending a horde of minions sweeping across a village destroying everything in their path.

    and i can’t see them having a repeat of the absolutely bloody infuriating lift at the exit of the spider temple from Overlord 2 in this game.
    which is a MASSIVE point in its favour.

    Overlord had minions before it was cool. ^_^

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