Infinite State Games Unveils Wing Kings For PS4 & Vita

Roguelike air combat.

Infinite State Games has announced Wing Kings, an aerial combat title, for PS4 and Vita with the aim to release it in the first half of 2016. Wing Kings is a 2D pixel style title in which players must fly over a procedurally generated world to complete 100 various missions. To do this players have three planes at their disposal, but only one life to get as far as possible within Wing Kings.

Players begin the game in a carrier within their first propeller powered plane and take off from their to take on enemies that are located on land, sea, and air. Should the plane take damage players can land at friendly bases to get repairs, as well as stock up on fuel and ammunition. If the plane gets shot down but the player ejects in time they will be transported back to base and take the next plane available.

Once all three planes have been destroyed it is game over. You’re also vulnerable while parachuting as you can be shot down, or caught in a plane’s propeller. There is also the opportunity to parachute into enemy planes to take control of them to continue, meaning your personal plane stock doesn’t go down.

Wing Kings’ music is being created by Kevvy Metal from Fat Goth, and takes inspiration from Iron Maiden as well as 90’s skater rock.

Source: Twitter/Email


  1. Kind of love the sound of this, I won’t lie. Especially the fact you can take over enemy planes. 3 lives doesn’t quite sound so daunting.

    One thing though, the plane seems to be going from right to left in the screenshots? Everyone knows that planes can only fly from left to right.

  2. Sounds fun but I’d like to see a trailer before making any judgement.

    • I don’t think InfiniteStates has made a trailer, I have seen early alpha versions and it does look very good already.

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