Videogame-To-Movie Hack Uwe Boll Retires

Good news everyone! Infamous director and producer Uwe Boll has announced that he is retiring from making movies and will concentrate on his restaurant. Uwe has been behind many ‘classic’ video game to movie titles including Far Cry, Alone In The Dark, Postal, Bloodrayne, and House of the Dead.

Uwe recently tried to crowdfund his movie Rampage 3, but failed to get the money. His response was to tell everyone – including George Clooney and Brad Pitt – to “f*ck their mothers”. What a lovely chap.

Source: Den Of Geek



  1. Uwe Bol, licked.

  2. Paul W S Anderson needs to follow suit!

  3. It’s almost as if telling everyone to fuck off after a failed kickstarter was a bad idea. Naaaah.

    Now, if Paul “LOOK AT MY WIFE KICK ARSE EVEN IF IT MEANS RUINING EVERY OTHER CHARACTER IN THE FILM” Anderson retires or just gets banned from touching video games, the films based on games genre will have a better future.

    But the fact remains that Uwe Boll, the biggest ***** in the industry has finally retired. I mean, this is a director that threatens to beat up critics for daring to critise his shit films that he puts no effort into because he is exploiting loopholes. Now, he is gone, we should see certain franchises having a better chance of going on the big screen.

  4. Owww bless bo bo bo

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