Techland Are Slowly But Surely Unveiling Dying Light: The Following’s Map

With Dying Light’s The Following expansion just around the corner, Techland are getting up to a Scalextric-based social media campaign as they unveil the map that you’ll be able to race around in early February.

With a stream of some buggy-like slot racing cars occasionally zipping around a little track, Techland are asking people to tweet with the hashtag #TweetForSpeed. Each tweet moves the cars a little bit further, but also adds up to unveil squares from The Following’s map.


It’s tricky to really make out from the stream, but can be viewed much larger on the Dying Light site, and we’ve got a quick screengrab of its current state below. As you can see, there’s quite a way to go…


We’ll update that map once it’s a bit more fleshed out. For more on The Following, be sure to check out our preview of the expansion which went live yesterday, and keep an eye out on the site tomorrow for a video of the game in action.

Map updated 2PM 21/01/16.


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  1. Once i get JC3 done, I think I will go back to this game and start from scratch. Really didn’t give it enough time and now completely forgotten all the controls!

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