Disney Infinity 3.0 Expansion “Marvel Battlegrounds” Launches March 15th

Disney Infinity’s latest expansion, Marvel Battlegrounds, will hit store shelves on March 15th, John Vignocchi has confirmed. The series’ VP of Production hit up the Marvel blog with a small refresher on what players can expect from this newest physical add-on.

As the name implies, it will focus on the game series’ growing roster of Marvel characters, originally introduced with Disney Infinity 2.0. Battlegrounds will take place across twelve arena-style scenarios, with players visiting iconic locations in the Marvel comic universe.



Unlike the “Playset” expansions we’re used to seeing, Battlegrounds shuns the narrative-driven format for something a little more arcade like, promoting four player co-op. More importantly, it will allow fans to use any of the Marvel figures currently in their collection, from Thor and Falcon, to Groot and Green Goblin.

The physical expansion (pictured above) will come with an updated Captain America figure as well as the play piece needed to launch Battlegrounds.


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  1. I have 2.0 on wiiu and upgraded to 3.0 on the ps4 but I still have no clue how all this works or how to play the game. I just let the kids run around in the toybox with a handful of characters as it keeps them happy.

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