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Laser Disco Defenders Releases On Vita Later This Year

Groovy, baby.

Out Of Bounds Games has revealed a new twin stick shooter for the Vita in the shape of Laser Disco Defenders. The game’s story has the Defenders going after the villain Monotone, who has stolen the Mirror Moon. This Mirror Moon can be used to project any music to the galaxy, and with a name like Monotone I assume his taste isn’t exactly stellar.

While Laser Disco Defenders is a twin stick shooter it does have a major difference from others, with that being every laser fired will bounce around the procedural levels indefinitely. This means a shot you take to destroy an enemy may eventually bounce back and hurt you. Players will be able to choose from different characters and customise how they look.

Out Of Bounds has not confirmed an exact release date, though the window is supposedly four to six months from now.

Source: PS Blog

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