Battlefield 1 Officially Announced, First World War Setting Confirmed

Going over the top.

EA and DICE have now fully – and officially – unveiled the next Battlefield game, taking us back to the start of the modern, mechanised era of war in the First World War. It’s called Battlefield 1 for that exact reason, and it’s coming out on October 21st, with a handful of ways to get to play it before then.

So, what does the First World War mean for the game? Well, it’s still got all of the core aspects of the franchise, with the familiar blend of ground, air and water-based gameplay, but taken back to the early 20th century. Except it will go well beyond the traditional thoughts of trench warfare – this will of course feature – but will take you beyond the Western Front to the Italian Alps and off to the Arabian desert. There will be tanks, armoured cars, biplanes, bomber planes, artillery cannons, battleships, zeppelins, horses and more. With all of the massive firepower at your disposal, this will feature some of the greatest destruction ever seen in a Battlefield game.

It’s still up to 64 players in online multiplayer, with the familiar 5-man squads and four classes to choose from – Assault, Medic, Support and Scout are a slight remix of the classes we’ve seen in recent games. However, there’s also going to be new vehicle specific classes, such as the Tank Officer and the Pilot. With a different era of weapons at your disposal, there’s a greater emphasis on melee combat as an option, and for the first time the melee weapon you choose will have different attributes. God knows what the difference between shovel and a trench mace will be, but it will be interesting to see.

There’s little to say about single player, other than that there is one and that it will see you jump from one theatre of war to another, viewing the conflict through the eyes of a number of different soldiers. DICE have also aimed to open the campaign up to feature more of the “Battlefield Moments” that occur in the online, with more options, choice of vehicles and less of the scripted corridor shooting that we saw in recent outings.

So that’s Battlefield 1. There’s plenty more to talk about – they were fairly tight lipped about the horses, for one thing – and they’ll do so on June 12th at EA Play, where it will be playable for the first time. There’s also an open beta on the way, with early access to it for those who sign up to Battlefield Insider.

For the final game, it’s a worldwide release on October 21st for PS4, XBO and PC, but you can play on October 18th if you buy the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, and there will be the usual early access for those on Xbox One and PC, via the EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions.

Oh! I nearly forgot to say it has flamethrowers!

Source: press release


  1. Looks nice and refreshing to be honest. It’s better than going further into the future and WWI settings are something of an underused event when it comes to these types of games so it’ll be nice to have a different flavour to combat.

  2. Im liking the sound of this.

  3. However, the devs did rip the piss that the CoD trailer was all CGI. This is the same.

    • I don’t think the COD one was CGI. It had that game engine footage feel to it and did look like they were squeezing the engine for it’s last remaining juices.

  4. Excellent, I might get this.

  5. Looks a lot more interesting than I thought the concept would be, even if they have taken a few liberties with tank/plane performance etc. Maybe not day one (fool me once and all that) but I could be tempted.

    Still think Korea would make an interesting setting though – WW2 style ground and naval warfare with jet combat would be just perfect and satisfy that WW2 itch without being WW2 and a repeat of the same battles we’ve already seen a good few times over; even though I wouldn’t mind revisiting a HD Omaha beach or Stalingrad…

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