[Updated] Battlefield 1 Leaks With WW1 Setting, 18th October Release

Loose lips spoil game announcements.

Update – 17:30: More promotional material has leaked to ruin EA and DICE’s surprise. Following on from the originally leaked image, there’s now more to reveal that the upcoming game is called Battlefield 1, that there’s a preorder bonus with items themed after the Hellfighter Infantry Regiment, and that the game is to release on October 18th, this year.

See for yourselves:


We’ll be back with news of the official reveal later this evening.

Original post

There’s a Battlefield game being officially revealed during a live stream at 9PM BST this evening, but as always, something has snuck out a little ahead of time. An image has popped up on the Xbox Store for the game, which hints at a First World War setting.

A decent quality capture that popped up on NeoGAF shows a soldier with a pistol and hand grenade which feel of that era, while a zeppelin flies in the background, but there’s always the possibility that DICE and EA are playing with an alternate history setting.


Either way, we’ll be at the event this evening and will update this story with details as they appear. You can click play below or head over to the Twitch stream, which is currently building up to the 9PM start for the reveal event.

via NeoGAF


  1. It’s gonna be Steampunk. Calling it.

  2. I have a feeling it might be alternate reality.

  3. Thats weird… Looks more like a WWII machine around his waist. Isn’t that a trench weapon (club) in his hand as opposed to a hand grenade?

    • Yeah, a trench mace, it turns out. That one was new to me!

  4. I was just thinking earlier how I would love a WWI CoD instead of all this future nonsense. But wasn’t sure if it would put off younger gamers with ADD.

    Definitely getting this if it’s an authentic WWI setting but Im with the others in thinking this will be alternate reality. I dont see how they could sell an authentic WWI shooter to the Michael Bay generation without some kind of twist to make it ‘interesting’.

  5. Authentic WW1 could be so good. Mons, Verdun, Marne, Ypres, Somme, etc.. My great grandfather died at Mons. Was a private with 1st battalion, Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment. Shot by a sniper, age 23 and just 60 days into WW1. He’s buried in a military graveyard in Paris. After 90 days, only 32 of the 998 men in 1st battalion were still alive. So fucking gnarly.

  6. Cool name, and cool music in the reveal trailer.

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