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Surprise! A Gravity Rush 2 Demo Is Out Tomorrow

And anime on Boxing Day.

Well, this is a little unexpected, but Sony have just announced that a Gravity Rush 2 demo will be releasing tomorrow at 6PM. Demos are rare enough as it is, so it’s a nice surprise and just in time for Christmas.

Truth be told, it kind of makes sense for Sony to do so. Gravity Rush 2 went gold quite a while back on 11th November, with the production team able to hit their deadlines for the originally planned release date of 30th November. However, as The Last Guardian had to be delayed until December, it would have meant that Sony would have been competing with itself, and we all know how that went for EA with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2!

Accompanying the game is Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture, which will be available for all to watch on the PlayStation YouTube channel from 4PM on 26th December. It looks to bridge the gap between the original game and its sequel, and has been created by Studio Khara.

So there’s plenty to keep you occupied before Gravity Rush 2 is released on 20th January in the UK.


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