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RIME Receives A New Trailer, Now Confirmed For Xbox One, PC And Switch

Previous PS4 exclusive.

In August 2013 Tequila Works revealed RIME as a PS4 exclusive and its trailer did captivate people. What followed was years of very little information, Tequila Works taking back the rights from Sony for the game, and then finding a new publisher in Grey Box just last year. Up until then Rime was still thought to be a PS4 exclusive, but now Tequila Works has confirmed that is no longer the case.

A new trailer released today by Tequila Works via IGN has confirmed that RIME will still be coming to PS4 but it is going multiplatform with the game also appearing on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Along with that RIME is expected to release during May 2017.

Going by the trailer RIME appears to be a exploration and puzzle game, and a few years ago Tequila Works said there would be no combat but would have action within it.

Source: Youtube

  1. coxy1701
    Since: Apr 2014

    The game looks a tiny bit similar to TLG just without the birddogratcat creature. Looks interesting tho.

    Comment posted on 03/01/2017 at 20:19.
  2. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    I still prefer the original trailer but it’s good to see more of the game this time.

    Comment posted on 03/01/2017 at 23:16.

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