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Mass Effect: Andromeda Out On March 21st In North America, 23rd In Europe [Updated]

Now with the latest trailer from CES.

Update: Bioware followed up their release date announcement with a short but detailed look at some more of the gameplay at the heart of Mass Effect: Andromeda. In particular, there’s a chance to see the character levelling and class customisation in action, and how that can come to affect the game’s combat, as you butt up against not-so-friendly aliens and constructs in the journey.

The original post follows:

The Andromeda galaxy will soon be ours to explore, as EA have announced today that Mass Effect: Andromeda is to release in North America on March 21st and Europe on March 23rd.

Though it’s hurtling towards us at around 110km every second, crashing into and potentially obliterating the Milky Way in around 4 billion years time, mankind and the other races of the Mass Effect series simply couldn’t wait that long, and decided that they’d fly there and explore for themselves.

Leaving behind the characters and many of the stories from the original trilogy, there will be new characters – the lead is a Pathfinder and son or daughter to Alec Ryder – new planets, new species and new gameplay ideas, like being able to jump and the return of the Mako with which to explore the open world environments.

The game is going to be featured in tonight’s Nvidia presentation from CES, with more details and footage from ok new planets. We’ll add those here as and when they appear.

Source: press release, Bioware

  1. aerobes
    Since: Aug 2009

    ME2 is one of my favourite games ever but I’m finding it hard to get excited about this one. I’m sure that’ll change as we approach release.

    Comment posted on 06/01/2017 at 22:42.

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