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Latest Super Mega Baseball Footage Shows The Game's In Depth Customisation Options

Change everything.

Metalhead Software has released some new footage for is upcoming Super Mega Baseball 2, and this one focuses on the customisation options of the game. The quick look shows just how deep the options go.It starts of quite basic by letting you choose the size of the league and how it is split, and then delves into letting you create every team from scratch.

The team customisation includes allowing you to come up with the team name and logo, the style of the team’s kit, and then goes further by allowing you to change every player on every team by changing their names, appearances, and gender. This was possible in the previous game but it looks like Metalhead has tweaked the options a bit to allow for more changes.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is expected in mid 2017.

Source:Press Release

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