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More ARMS Details Revealed, Global Testpunch Coming Next Weekend

Gotta punch 'em all.

Despite starring in a Nintendo Direct not that long ago, Nintendo have decided that they ought to share a fair bit more about ARMS to try and draw people into their latest new franchise. One odd little tidbit is that this was actually developed by the team behind the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe port, though it might struggle to capture the same degree of success.

Next week will also see the first of two Global Testpunch demos, running between 27th-28th May and 3rd-4th June. The demo is already up on the Nintendo Switch eShop to be downloaded ahead of time.

The biggest new announcement was a number of varied and interesting game modes, which go well beyond simply fighting.

  • Fight – In this main multiplayer* mode, two fighters battle against each other one-on-one to claim victory. During the fight, bombs and other healing items drop in, adding some strategic options to the proceedings.
  • Team Fight – In this mode, two players are attached by strings and must team up to battle another team of two. Attacks can hit allies, so watch out for friendly punches!
  • V-Ball – Similar to volleyball, V-Ball is a sport that involves knocking an explosive ball into the opponent’s court.
  • Hoops – Grab opponents and shoot them into the net (or even dunk them for extra satisfaction) in this hard-core game of ARMS-style basketball.
  • Skillshot – Break as many targets as possible using the versatile powers of ARMS.
  • 1-on-100 – Defeat 100 enemies in a row, one at a time, in this progressive battle mode.
  • ARMS Test & Training – In Test mode, players can try out randomised ARMS combinations, while Training lets them practise a number of varied drills.

Multiplayer is then wrapped up in 10 match Grand Prix for local multiplayer on a single Switch, Local Wireless Mode lets up to eight consoles set up a lobby to then have four player battles. Online, you’ve got Party Match with lobbies of up to ten consoles (and up to 20 players) and drop you into four player battles within that. Finally, Ranked Match is then the time-honoured 1v1 battling online.

There’s a great degree of customisation to your combat style, picking different Arms which have different attributes. They can be upgraded by unlocking multiples of a single arm in the somewhat randomised unlock system.

At launch there’s ten characters to choose from, but Nintendo will be adding to the game with free new fighters, stages and Arms post launch.

  • Spring Man – This passionate fighter’s bouncy hairstyle might look fake, but his passion for fighting is definitely real.
  • Ninjara – Using his nimble movements and ancient ninjutsu, Ninjara can disappear and warp somewhere else even in mid-air or when guarding.
  • Master Mummy – As the only character that can restore health while guarding, Master Mummy is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Min Min – With her ramen noodle arms, Min Min’s spin kick and throws are deliciously powerful.
  • Kid Cobra – A fan of selfie sticks and livestreaming, this hip fighter pounces on opponents with a charged-up dash.
  • Ribbon Girl – Possessing next-level jumping skills, Ribbon Girl violates the laws of physics with her unbeatable power.
  • Helix – Who is Helix? He’s an experiment gone wrong, that’s who. His springy body lets him move in unpredictable ways.
  • Mechanica – This mechanical genius dons a homemade power suit that can hover above the competition.
  • Byte & Barq – Two fighters in one! This robot fighter and his robot canine companion battle together to unleash devastating combo attacks.
  • Twintelle – As an A-list actress, Twintelle uses her celebrity status to render her opponents utterly star struck as she walks the red carpet to victory.

Source: press release

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  1. Eldave0
    Since: Aug 2008

    Well, I would have never thought it but Nintendo has managed to get me on board for ARMS.
    I was expecting something shallow, similar to Wii Boxing, but I’m really starting to like the look of this game. It seems pretty deep, the different characters are cool and I’m loving the multiplayer stuff.
    Excited for the beta next weekend :)

    Comment posted on 18/05/2017 at 11:53.
  2. Avenger
    Since: Oct 2012

    I think I was onboard a few weeks ago with more information released, but this just confirms it for.

    Looking forward to the test sessions.

    Comment posted on 18/05/2017 at 13:04.
  • Developer:Nintendo EPD
  • Publisher:Nintendo
  • Platforms:Switch
  • Release Date:16/06/17

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