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Ghost Recon Wildlands' Tier 1 Update Increases The Challenge Players Will Face

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Ghost Recon Wildlands has a new update inbound called the Tier 1 update, and it is aimed for those players who are looking for the most challenging gameplay possible, and those who have spent a lot of time with the game. This is reflected by the Tier 1 content being locked until level 30 is reached, the current level cap.

When level 30 is hit the Tier 1 option becomes available, and this increases the enemy effectiveness. Tier 1 is just the beginning as there are 50 in total, with each increase in player level making enemies tougher and more aware of the situation unfolding. You may get to a point where the tier difficulty is too much, so Ubisoft has put in the option to choose which tier you are most comfortable at. In addition you’ll also be able to level up weapons to counter the increase in difficulty.

Source: YouTube

  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    Sounds fun when a cover system is practically non-existant!

    Comment posted on 28/06/2017 at 19:34.
    • Youles
      Since: Feb 2011


      I sincerely hope they don’t add trophies related to this new rank increase. The game was boring and repetitive by level 15.

      Comment posted on 29/06/2017 at 08:39.

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