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Five Things We Want From For Honor Season 3

The battle rages on.

We’re coming to the end of July and with each passing day we get that little bit closer to seeing what Ubisoft has in store for its popular online fighting game – in fact, Ubi are hosting a For Honor stream today at 5PM UK time, which might well be a full reveal. Although there’s no solid launch date, For Honor’s third season is expected to appear some time in August or September. Given the game’s current momentum and a spate of huge multiplayer titles lined up during the year’s closing quarter, it would certainly make sense.

But what does Ubisoft Montreal have planned for its new season? Here are the five things we’d like to see.

A New Game Mode

Since beta, Dominion has been the go-to mode when playing For Honor. These objective based four-on-four clashes may not be the best showcase of individual skill, though they satisfy that itch for bigger battles instead of the straight up duels. We want to see something new and interesting, but conjuring up a new game mode will be no small feat for the developers. Ubisoft can’t just take established archetypes from the shooter genre and drop them in.

For Honor is a fighting game first and foremost so any new mode would need to suit its mechanics and pacing. The team are no doubt concerned that adding a new mode would fragment its player base while also resulting in changes to how their Faction War meta game is structured. Still, new ways to fight is something players are now desperate for.

Some Viking Love

This one is pretty much a certainty, though we thought we’d mention it anyway. With each new season, Ubisoft is planning to add two heroes to the existing roster (six of which have been confirmed so far) and with Shadow & Might having introduced both the Centurion and Shinobi, it’s time for the Viking faction to get some love. Dubbed “Glory & Wild”, season 3 sounds as though it will add a new Knight and Viking champion. Just who that Viking will be remains a mystery, however. The four existing vikings have already explored the chosen weapons and disciplines of their fighting culture. That said, the Centurion was arguably a break away from the other in-game Knights, so maybe we’ll see a similar shift here again?

More Trophies & Achievements

Online trophies and achievements have often been described as somewhat of a scourge. However, for many, they add replay incentive or at least encourage players to think differently about their approach. Given its overriding focus on multiplayer, there’s no getting away from tying trophies to online play in For Honor and we hope Ubisoft will dish out more in the near future, even if they’re just attached to simple level grinding.

New Weapons & Armour

Being able to customise the appearance of your favourite heroes is a great feature and one that players clearly care about. High level warriors often stride into battle as fearsome characters, decked out in patterned armour bearing their own custom sigil. Having almost been out for six months now, fans are starting to want new ways to dress up their For Honor rosters. Instead of new patterns, colours, and flairs, it’s about time we saw some new weapons and gear added to the game, adding some much needed variety to the sets currently available.

Server Overhaul

Our final pick is a massive longshot, regardless of how important it is to the For Honor’s long-term future. As we’ve seen in recent updates, the team at Ubisoft Montreal have been trying to resolve issues surrounding server issues and disconnects. While the number has fallen, the team has only papered over the cracks instead of tackling the root cause. Ideally, we’d like to see For Honor follow in the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege and Operation Health. Having had its own share of problems, Ubisoft decided to tackle them head-on, suspending their work on new game content until the problems were fixed. By introducing dedicated servers, players would be able to jump in without needing to worry about crashes or losing hours of progress. For Ubisoft it would mean a huge commitment, though this really should have been their top priority straight after launch.

Whatever Ubisoft Montreal plans to conjure up in Season 3, we’ll hopefully find out the coming weeks.


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