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The Samurai Win Season 2 Of For Honor's Faction War

A narrow victory.

Season 2 of For Honor’s Faction War came to an end last night with the Samurai coming out on top. Those players aligned with with the Samurai faction can expect a nice spread of rewards (loot boxes and exclusive emblems/ornaments) when they next sign in.

Each season of Faction War is split into five rounds which can be broken down even further in turns. As players win battles and deploy war assets across the campaign map, factions will seize and hold territories.

It wasn’t an easy win for the Samurai, however. Round 5 was set to be the tie-breaker, both Knights and Samurai with two rounds under their belt. It was during this finale that the Vikings made their move, the end result being 2/2/1. To decide the winner, Ubisoft Montreal took the total number of war assets deployed by both Knights and Samurai with the latter having deployed 0.42% more assets.

For Honor is currently “Off Season” for now though Season 3 is expected to launch in 2-3 weeks’ time, introducing fresh content to the game.


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For Honor
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