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Super Mega Baseball 2 Has Now Been Delayed Until 2018

2017 strikes out.

Metalhead has announced that Super Mega Baseball 2 will not be releasing in September as previously announced, with the game now being pushed back until 2018. The studio does state that it could probably have pushed the game out in December, but the original Super Mega Baseball was released in that month and sales were initially slow.

Metalhead Software did release a video today that discusses the roster management in Super Mega Baseball 2.

Metalhead Software also stated that there were some positives from the delay as the studio can add features that would not have made the original build, giving more depth to Super Mega Baseball 2. While a date is yet to be confirmed it is likely that SMB2’s launch may try to coincide with that of the Major League Baseball season start in April. March could be launch month if that is taken into account.

Source: Press Release

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