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Something For The Weekend – 12/08/17

Come rain or shine.

While Europe basks in a heatwave, the UK has endured some pretty miserable weather this week. I’m hoping that the sun returns for the weekend though. I’m off to the Athletics later and I’d rather not be sitting in the rain! Let me know what your plans for the weekend are, come rain or shine, in the comments below.

In the News This Week

Games in Review

The reviews this week had a very strong showing, with three 9/10’s being awarded!

This Week’s Features

This is a gentle reminder you have until 11:59pm on Sunday to enter our competition to win a PS4 copy of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunIt only takes a couple of clicks to enter, and the winner will be contacted on Monday. Good luck!

Looking at the previews now, Stefan looked at how Metroid: Samus Returns reinvents a classic Nintendo title of yesteryear, and also had a look at All Walls Must Fall. The game, set in 2089 revolves around a world where the Berlin wall never came down and Communism is still thriving in a post-nuclear world.

Meanwhile, Rez Infinite looks glorious at 4K on PC according to Tef in his hands on for its surprise release, and he also spoke with Tetsuya Mizuguchi about the game and what the future holds.

Looking at Nintendo now, Splatoon 2’s initial Splatfest wasn’t perfect, but Tef still thought it was brilliant (even if Team Ketchup was robbed!). Also this week, Jake had a look at Death Squared on the Nintendo Switch, and listed five things that Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon need to fix.

The final feature was for Super Mario Monopoly, or to use its actual licensed name, Monopoly Gamer, while What We Played featured everything the gang has been up to this week.

Trailer Park

The Destiny 2 Competitive Multiplayer Trailer Has Dropped

Here’s A Little Gameplay From Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

There’s A Cat Dating Simulator On The Way

Your Achievements

From the trophy hunters, Pixel_nme bagged the platinum for Knack for a second time, although I’m not sure why the first one wasn’t enough!

Elsewhere, Tony is getting to grips with Fortnite after struggling at first, Mr.Yd. dabbled in a bit of COD, and aerobes is enjoying his return to Dying Light.

Del has been continuing his grind to Level 50 in Borderlands 2, while Ron is definitely getting his monies worth out of his Switch purchase thanks to Zelda, 1-2 Switch and Mario Kart!

The Week Ahead

Here’s what gaming goodness is arriving this week!

  • Cities: Skylines – PS4 – 15/08
  • Troll and I – Switch – 15/08
  • Sonic Mania – PS4, XBO, Switch– 15/08
  • Agents of Mayhem – PS4, XBO – 18/08

Well that’s it for this week, see you all again soon!

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  1. aerobes
    Since: Aug 2009

    Upon starting Dying Light the kid is a wind up. Jump down Crane don’t be such a bitch, *runs, jumps, falls 20 stories to my death*. Thanks kid.

    Comment posted on 13/08/2017 at 09:26.