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Visiting The Very Violent Montana, USA In Far Cry 5

Bringing Hope to Hope County.

If there’s one thing that Ubisoft know how to make, it’s big open world games. After a decade of honing their art, Far Cry 5 is another example of just that, albeit in a rather unusual setting. The previous games have dealt in the exoticism of tropical islands and secluded Nepalese mountains, but Far Cry 5 is in America’s backyard, set in Hope County in Montana with a militarist doomsday cult running amok, with you, a lowly Sheriff’s Deputy part of a task force trying to take them down and arrest their evangelical leader Joseph Seed.

Following in the wake of Watch Dogs 2 last year Far Cry 5 is another Ubisoft game that does away with towers and unlocking areas of the map. While it’s not something that was really on show in this smaller demo area, it’s something that we were assured was the case, and it’s a positive step for the series. However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t still working to try and open up the area to you.

There’s three potential companions for you to choose between, each of which has different strengths and weaknesses. Boomer the dog, for example, is going to be many people’s favourite, as he sniffs out and marks enemies for you really quickly, and is able to literally go for the jugular. Grace, meanwhile, is a tough as nails sharpshooter type, bringing plenty of additional firepower to a fight and having my back when I was downed, even if she did then get gored by a bull and need rescuing herself later on. That’s not a problem for Nick Rye, who swoops in with his souped up crop-duster to strafe with machine guns and drop bombs on enemy emplacements. He does get targeted with gunfire from the ground though, so he’s hardly impervious.

He’s not the only one that can take to the skies though, and having cleared up starting zone of Fall’s End, the quaintly named Mary May Fairgrave points you in the direction of a possible mission that sees you rescuing Nick from the cultists – in this demo, you can actually call him in to help liberate himself which I found very amusing, but you can expect a more logical progression in the final game. Do that and he points you in the direction of his plane, sending you off to blow up some silos that are being used to create explosives for Eden’s Gate, whether you use machine guns, bombs or rockets. It’s a serious step up from the little dinky helicopter from Far Cry 4 and even leads to a rather challenging dogfight!

Just as in the last few Far Cry games, the wilderness is just as likely to try and kill you as the people you bump into. Wolves will charge at you looking for a bite, bears will be more than likely to take a few swipes at you (though we didn’t bump into any while playing) and stray into a field with a bull in it, and you might as well be wearing red. Actual cows are much more placid, but sadly, while you can pet Boomer, there’s no cow petting in the game, even if there 100% should be.

However, hidden away are tons of things to discover and little side activities. I really liked finding a little hidey hole in the top of a derelict tower, and then there was the fishing spot just a little off the beaten path, with cultists happily driving by or hanging out at their self-imposed checkpoints. The AI in this demo certainly isn’t the smartest, so I’d hope that’s just because Ubisoft want the demo to be accessible, and that the enemies in the final game have more than a few brain cells between them.

On the whole, Far Cry 5, well, it feels like more Far Cry. That’s both good and bad, depending on how familiar you’ve been with the last half decade with this series, and I can see plenty people being a bit burnt out on its overall mixture of gameplay.

However one thing that it does get right is its setting, in my opinion. A lot of fuss has been made in certain corners about where in the world and who you’re fighting against, with the game seeming to make a kind of political statement. I don’t see it being anywhere near as deep as that, and the game’s been in planning and development for a long time now, but Ubisoft deserve praise for finding a different type of enemy to those we typically see in video games. We’ll have to wait and see if it backfires at the tills.

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  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    Doesn’t look like anything new, but it does look like exactly the kind of game I enjoy. Bring it on!!

    Comment posted on 21/08/2017 at 17:24.
Far Cry 5
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  • Platforms:PS4, XBO, PC
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