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For Honor's New 4v4 Game Mode Detailed

This is just a Tribute.

Although For Honor is technically a fighting game, players can’t get enough of its bigger, objective-based mode, Dominion. There’s a certain meatiness to these 4v4 clashes that you don’t get sparring with other players. That said, fans have been pining for a bit more variety since For Honor launched back in February and Ubisoft Montreal is ready to answer the call.

Tribute is a brand-new game type that will be soon be rolled out. During play, two teams will fight for possession of three flag-like tributes, safely carrying them to shrines scattered around the battlefield. By activating a tribute, you trigger a stat buff for your team, potentially tipping the scales as you look to secure the remaining two. Once all three are locked in a timer starts, the defenders winning if they manage to stave off the enemy’s final advance.

As ever, Ubisoft Montreal is promising new details via The Warrior’s Den, For Honor’s dedicated Twitch stream. Expect a more detailed analysis, gameplay, and perhaps news on when it’s expected to launch.


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For Honor
  • Developer:Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher:Ubisoft
  • Platforms:PS4, XB1, PC
  • Release Date:TBA

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