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Rocket League's Autumn Update Rolls Around On September 28th, Adds Farmstead Arena

Cross platform chat may happen in the future too.

Psyonix has detailed what Rocket League players can expect for the game’s Autumn update which will be released on September 28th. One of the key additions is the new seasonal arena called Farmstead, which as you may guess allows for matches to be played in a farm location. Additionally there will be new arena variants too including Wasteland and Mannfield (Snowy).

Furthermore a new Events system will be added to Rocket League which gives players the chance to earn additional customisations for their cars. Additionally an item called the Decyrptor will be added to the game and this allows players to open crates without a key. Players will be able to customise banners, and PC players will be able to play LAN matches.

Going forward Psyonix plans to test a new Party client built within the game, calling it Psynet. The initial beta will be for PC players only and if it is successful this system could allow for cross platform party chat though that is some way off. Another thing being tested is Tournament Mode where players can create their own tournaments within Rocket League.

Source: Psyonix


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