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Epic Offering Fortnite Refunds Following Battle Royale Free Announcement

For purchases after September 12th.

Upon hearing that Fortnite was adding a 100-player Battle Royale mode, some of you may have rushed out to buy a copy. Although the new PUBG-inspired mode doesn’t properly launch until September 26th, it’s currently playable in a test format. Only yesterday, however, Epic Games announced that the mode would be free for everyone to download, whether they own a copy of Fortnite or not.

Those people who purchased the game in between these two separate announcement will no doubt feel a little burned. Epic Games has stepped in though, offering a full refund to anyone who bought a copy on or after September 12th, 2017. Here’s the link to their official refund page for those caught in up in this scenario. Make sure you have your purchase date, registered e-mail address and (preferably) a receipt to attach to the form.

Source: Epic Games


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