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New Content Being Announced For Hitman On October 24th, Not Season Two

What could it be?

Io-Interactive has confirmedĀ that new content for Hitman will be revealed on October 24th, but also confirmed that it would not be the start of Season Two for the game. The only real clue given is an image which shows a blurred figure raising their arms with an orange symbol glowing behind them. It could be a fire or the Sun peeking through a strangely shaped window.

Additionally there was confirmation of the October content for Hitman too. On October 13th 10 new featured contracts and the Master Scarecrow challenge pack. Later in the month 10 player curated contracts will be added to the game.

Source: Io-Interactive

  1. MA77_G0D
    Since: Sep 2009

    To me that looks like the Ubisoft Logo, and with Square Enix recently letting IO Interactive go it could be an announcement that Ubisoft have got the license and a bonus is new free content with a ubisoft themed event/level/costume etc.

    – MjA –

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 18:53.
    • Gareth Chadwick
      Since: Forever

      That or it’s a badly hidden attack on Ubisoft.

      “Agent 47, welcome to Montreal. Your target is Mr U. B. Soft and can be found at the top of the building. Watch out, he has templar protection.”

      Comment posted on 08/10/2017 at 22:31.