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What We Played #326 - Forza 7, Destiny 2 & Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas?

How has another week gone by? There’s only 79 sleeps till Christmas so perhaps you should be thinking about what gifts to buy for your loved ones – or not so loved ones as the case may be by the end of the holiday. There’s a few things that might take your fancy, whether that’s Nintendo’s handheld/home hybrid the Switch, especially with a new Mario game in tow, or perhaps you’re finally going to take a leap at  a piece of Microsoft hardware with the Xbox One X, and play all of its top games in 4K. Of course, you can’t forget PlayStation, who may have a quieter year with hardware launches, but are still currently the best place to play the majority of games, as well as all of those awesome exclusives, and even some VR gubbins if that floats your boat. Whatever you’re after, best get writing that list now…

I’ve been mostly playing Forza 7 and Lego Ninjago this week, while sitting in the extremely comfortable Secretlab Titan. I’m looking forwards to playing some EVE Valkyrie: Warzone this weekend, as well as preparing for the dive into Ivalice in Final Fantasy XIV on the 10th!

Jim was the first to drop in this week and he’s mostly been playing Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. Seemingly the sequel has some great ideas and it’s good to see the Nemesis system back in action. Having finished the campaign, he’s now mopping up some side bits with the occasional siege battle here and there. He’s also been playing Hob, a “delightful action adventure game that can be likened to earlier/handheld Zelda games. It’s really quite clever albeit unassuming – a sleeper hit worth playing in between the season’s AAA hits.”

Next up, Miguel has been playing Gundam Versus, messing around some more in Danganronpa V3’s post-game modes, and losing more of his life to Fire Emblem Heroes. Aran meanwhile has given most of his focus to reviewing NBA Live 18. He also played Light Tracer for review, and has gone back to Yakuza Kiwami since he “needs” to complete it. Seemingly he’s about halfway through now.

Jake has been trying to clear his gaming backlog due to project work that took up his previous three weeks, and has revisited Uncharted 4 and is trying to find the remaining collectibles. He platinumed Destiny 2 yesterday upon completing the insanely difficult Nightfall Strike on Prestige mode – skills! – and in between all of that, he’s been taking his Switch to work, and enjoyed Sonic Mania on the go.

There was also some Destiny 2 for Tef, though not as much as you might expect given the several hundred hours he sunk into the first game. Instead, he’s also got time in on Rogue Trooper Redux, gave us a taste of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, shared what it’s like in the Star Wars Battlefront II beta (which is now live for everyone!), and got far, far too excited about the cats in Assassin’s Creed Origins – the rest of the game looks good as well. You’ll hear from him next week about the Secret of Mana remake and Lost Sphear, which is coming from the makers of I Am Satsuma Setsuna.

Steve has played loads of Battle Chasers, and headed back to Monster Hunter Stories as well as trying a bit of the lovely Skyforce: Anniversary thanks to PS+. Dave meanwhile played Cuphead which he thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn’t as difficult for him as it is proving for others, but there were interesting designs and visual touches that he appreciated. He also played Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga + Bowser’s Minions and the final Nioh DLC.

Finally, Tuffcub is still on holiday.

That’s all for us this week, but what have you been playing?

  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    Zelda Link to the Past on mini SNES. Just finished second dungeon in dark world. Such a brilliant game.

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 18:01.
  2. MrYd
    Since: Mar 2011

    Bit of a go at the PS+ games. Sky Force is entertaining. Hue is cute but a bit simple so far. And Amnesia is just terrible.

    Picked up a couple of VR games on sale too. Here They Lie is definitely recommended. Quite short, but wonderfully odd. More weird and creepy than scary (apart from a couple of bits). Definite Clive Barker feel from it.

    And Darknet because it looked interesting and was only £4. Odd hacking puzzle game that certainly gains something from being in VR. And despite levels having a time limit of 30 or even 40 minutes, it becomes a bit of a time management puzzle. In a VR representation of the internet. Worth a look if you want something different and cheap.

    I may also have picked up Eve: Valkyrie. Not on sale, but a price drop to £25. Well worth it. As soon as I was sat in the cockpit looking around and then launching (definite Battlestar Galactica influence there) I was hooked. Not a hint of sickness either, even while flying around in all directions.

    I think I need one of those Hotass things, just for that and Elite. 4 weeks time and it’s my birthday, so maybe then.

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 18:04.
    • MrYd
      Since: Mar 2011

      Ok, so a slightly early birthday present and I now have a Hotas thing. Not a Hotass thing, which is something entirely different, I’m sure.

      Takes a bit of getting used to, but combine it with VR and it’s a great idea.

      Comment posted on 07/10/2017 at 14:53.
  3. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    In an attempt to smash the backlog I’ve been playing some Steam games like Dawn of War 2, Split/Second and Kerbal Space Laptop Scuttler. My rubbish laptop got so hot and couldn’t cope so I went mad and bought a Lenovo 120S, not powerful but a nice step up and very light, fast and has a lovely screen for the price. I’ve also been playing Wolfenstein which is great fun. Looking forward to some Battlefront 2 tonight!!

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 18:51.
  4. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    I completed the Driveclub VR tour. Still have a few stars to mop up but the one thing i find hasn’t improved for me while driving in VR is the drifting – i’m still pretty crap at that!

    I also played some Sky Force Anniversary, a neat 1942-type clone which starts off easy and quickly becomes tricky if you want to get the neccessary objectives in order to progress to the next level. Because just getting to the end of the level isn’t enough. Luckily there’s an upgrade system to help mop away your tears of frustration.

    And No Man’s Sky, have barely touched the story missions yet because my regular playstyle of exploring and scanning discoveries now brings much greater rewards. I’m just installing the latest patch atm – bringing more QoL tweaks and changes including a new multi-slot save profile which apparently also shows how many hours you’ve played … i dread to look..

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 19:51.
    • TSBonyman
      Since: Dec 2009

      And one more, the Chef job in Job Simulator. I made lot’s of soup, including one with plum, avocado and melted glass. Mmmm, crunchy.

      Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 20:10.
  5. Andrewww
    Since: Jan 2010

    Ha..! Got another platinum this week..! Ok, it was the ‘cheapest’ ever, this Telltale Borderlands game we just got on Plus. Not overly much real playing in it, but the story got me hooked and I enjoyed it throughout, quite a bit more than this Wolf game of them. Recommended.

    Apart from that it was a stressful week, as I’m going on holidays down south to the warmth tomorrow…

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 20:56.
  6. JR.
    Since: Apr 2013

    Bit of a strange mix this week.

    Mostly the excellent (but short) Dishonored Death of the Outsider. It’s funny how much I disliked the Dishonored games when I played the first game a few months ago but now it’s one of my favourite game-series. DotO is a little on the short side so I didn’t feel the story was quite as deep as Dishonored 2, but the gameplay is flawless. More of the same, definitely but when the same is this good, I don’t mind.

    Also completed Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island which I enjoyed a lot. It borrows heavily from games like Ratchet & Clank, Sly and Jak & Daxter but never quite reaches their heights. Still, it’s a solid effort and a great base to build on if they ever make a sequel.

    Finally, I completed Virginia. Very strange, ‘silent’ game (no dialogue) but the score is absolutely stunning. I think it’s the first game I’ve ever played where the game feels like it’s complimenting the score, rather than the score complimenting the game. Very odd experience overall but a memorable one.

    Finally, Finally… Vikings Wolves of Midgard. Only just started playing this evening (lots to fit in before Shadow of War next week). I think I expected it to be a God of War clone but it isn’t, sadly. It plays more like a twin-stick shooter but with a swinging axe instead of guns. It’s early days yet, but despite my initial disappointment, I am enjoying it for what it is.

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 21:37.
  7. Steelhead
    Since: Oct 2013

    A little bit of Steamworld Dig 2 but mainly Final Fantasy XIV, for which I am using the free trial. Never having played a proper MMO before I was unsure what to expect, but having leveled a conjurer to 17 I have enjoyed and am considering subbing to the game at some point.

    Incidentally, does anyone know where to get cheap time cards from?

    Comment posted on 06/10/2017 at 23:19.
  8. parryman
    Since: Apr 2012

    After 158h27m I have the Dark Souls 3 Platinum!
    NG+4 completed, grinding for the Proof of Concord Kept (Anor Londo silver knights and covenant summons) for the Darkmoon Blade.

    Glad it’s over (now to start again and hit up the DLC…)

    Comment posted on 07/10/2017 at 00:33.
  9. double-o-dave
    Since: Nov 2008

    Sky Force – it’s awesome! Nearly upgraded everything

    Comment posted on 07/10/2017 at 14:10.
  10. Eldave0
    Since: Aug 2008

    Won a tenner on a scratch card this week so decided to use my winnings and picked up a copy of Death Squared on Switch.
    Awful voice acting aside, its a really solid little puzzle game and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

    Other than that I’ve put a bit more time into Splatoon2; the co-op mode has really grown on me.

    Looking forward to the GT Sport demo next week!

    Comment posted on 08/10/2017 at 18:13.