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Swery's The Good Life Fig Campaign Fails Due To Confusion Buying Sheep


A Fig fund raising campaign for The Good Life, the next game by Swery and team, has failed, raising just 45 percent of its goal of $1.5 million. “I’m deeply grateful to everyone who pledged and invested,” Swery posted on Twitter. “We may not have been able to hit our goal this time, but please, don’t worry. All of your passion has touched the hearts of every member of our development. Your support has become the fuel we’ll use to carry on.”

He lists a number of reasons the game failed including that it was leaked, a concept trailer failed to convey the game and made people even more confused, and best of all, sheep.

“I think all my supporters must have needed a lot of courage to choose the ‘Purchase extra sheep’ option without knowing understanding how the game worked,” he wrote.

Swery says lessons have been learned at they will be back with a new Kickstarter in new year. Despite it’s failure the Fig campaign did give us this glorious video of Swery shaving a monkey.

Source: Twitter



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