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Nintendo Switch Update 4.0.0 Secretly Added USB Headset Support

Can USB hear me now?

Why Nintendo didn’t include it in the patch notes, I’ll never know, and nor will I be able to figure out what prompted someone to actually discover this hidden feature, but since the 4.0.0 system update went live yesterday you can now plug a USB headset into your dock for audio on the Nintendo Switch.

Excellently, it’s just basic USB audio output, meaning that any USB headset that works in a plug and play fashion on PC or PlayStation 4 should work – certainly, I’ve not seen any reports to the contrary on Reddit or Neogaf. This includes wireless headphones such as the PlayStation Gold, where the audio processing and transmitting is done in the USB dongle.

This is mainly applicable when docked, but also works in handheld mode with the right USB-C adapter and dongle, and there’s already one hardware workaround that has been discovered. It’s not a patch on the convenience that Bluetooth audio would provide for wireless headphones on the go, but opens the door for third party accessory makers to create a form fitting dongle or adapter.

This also doesn’t enable voice chat in games, though it’s unclear if this would actually be supported or not since no games on the system support voice chat, which is something that’s been sidelined for the Nintendo Switch Online app.

4.0.0 as a whole is a fairly major update, adding the ability to capture 30 second snippets of video from Nintendo’s first party games and allowing for user profile transfers (including save data) between consoles.

Source: NeogafReddit


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