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Battlefield 1 Gets DLC Trials Ahead Of Turning Tides' Release

Pass the Tsars, would you?

Forget EA’s bumbling attempts to step away from traditional DLC season passes a second, because last year’s Battlefield 1 has one foot set firmly in the past in that regard and is heading toward the release of its third major expansion. Turning Tides is releasing in waves – geddit? – over the next couple of months starting on 11th December, but it’s clear that EA are concerned about the fracturing of the community that paid DLC creates.

To that end, they’ve previously had Premium Trials where season pass holding players can bring non-holders into the new content, and they’re now having straight up DLC free trials to get people to try out the first two DLC expansions.

Between 22nd November and 4th December, you’ll be able to hop onto Battlefield 1 and play the They Shall Not Pass expansion, sampling everything from the new maps to the weapons and vehicles. Then between 8th and 10th December, it’s the turn of the In the Name of the Tsar expansion and its battles on the Eastern Front. That will then lead straight into the first batch of Turning Tides content releasing for Premium Pass players the following day.

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