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Medusa And Man Coming To PlayStation VR, Playable At PSX

Snakes alive!

Ship of EYLN, who are based in Saitama, Japan, are to show PlayStation VR co-op adventure Medusa and Man at the PlayStation Experience this weekend. Obviously that news isn’t much good to 99.99% of our dear readers as they won’t be going, but we’ve never covered the game before as it was announced rather quietly back in May.

Not that there’s much information to be honest, the official blurb is rather short: “Medusa, whose ominous stare turns all who meet her gaze into stone, and her lover. …However, they mustn’t look into each other’s faces. A VR partner action game in which players clear stages with the two characters.”

It seems that player one controllers Medusa herself, using her hair to shoot down enemies, whilst player two is the Man who uses a sword and shield. The game is still in the prototype stage but people who have played it seem to think it’s an awful lot of fun.

Source: Eyln


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