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You Dancing? You Asking? Super Seducer Is Coming To PS4 And PC

I'm asking. I'm dancing!

Fair Play Labs have teamed up with best-selling author and dating coach Richard La Ruina to create a game where you, well, let’s not beat about the bush, chat up ladies.

Before you get any smutty ideas this full motion video game is only about romancing as it lets you to “learn the artistry of sexual attraction.” Don’t expect boobs, improbable or otherwise, all the ladies stay full clothed.

Here are the key features:

Where the Mood Strikes – Practice seduction skills across ten different live-action episodes that mirror realistic social scenarios and setting – the bar, park, club, coffee shop and more.

Casanova – Charm your way to getting those sweet digits like a pro by using tried and true pick-up artist methods.

Pick-Up Artistry – Learn and experience proper seduction tactics from the master himself, Richard La Ruina, Europe’s top pick-up artist and published author of “The Natural: How to Effortlessly Approach The Women You Want.”

FMV Dating Simulation – Super Seducer contains eight hours of live-action footage, 520 choices and multiple endings for players to test out their pick-up skills with real people.

Just Deserts – Players that make the wrong move in their flirtatious conquests face a variety of awkward outcomes that range from mere rejection to a thoroughly deserved slap in the face.

It does seem a little old fashioned to me, where’s the chapter about using Tinder or sending unsolicited knob pics on Twitter?

The game will launch on Valentines Day 2018.

Source: Super Seducer

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  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    What a diverse selection of women! This ‘game’ belongs in the 90s. Terrible.

    Comment posted on 07/12/2017 at 12:04.