Barlog Explains Why Kratos Cannot Jump In God Of War

The news that Kratos can no longer jump in the new God of War was a surprise and has worried a few people, myself included. I can’t stand games where your progress is blocked by a crate than any human, let alone a god, could jump over.

Cory Balrog spoke to Game Informer about the pitch for God of War and he said, “At first…I told the core team that nothing is sacred, and literally the first thing that [designer] Eric Williams talks to me about is like, ‘Okay, what about the jump?’”

Williams went to explain that with the new camera angle, having Kratos “double jump all over the place” would simply not work. “Clearly I wasn’t comfortable with this as I thought I was,” said Cory before explaining that they narrowed down the three core elements of God of War to narrative, exploration, and combat, and anything else could be discarded, and that included the jump button.

It’s a really good interview if you want to know more about the game, head over to Game Informer to watch it.

Source: Game Informer

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  1. So now we have no platforming, significant part of the previous God of Wars, so they can change the camera angle? Weird.

  2. And he can no longer use his chains as a weapon as they want Kratos to have a bushy beard. In early play tests, they kept getting caught up and setting his face on fire….

  3. Well that’s all well and good (it isn’t really) but how do they explain it from a lore perspective?

    “your God killing, hardcore, killing machine battle champion cannot jump because reasons” isn’t really good enough.

    Did he get stabbed in the achilles in an old battle or something?

  4. What about a single jump, though?

  5. Honestly this seems a bit of a moot point, this game is so vastly different from GoW in every aspect but the name.

  6. I’m guessing he’ll automatically climb over smaller obstacles etc and this will just stop people jumping around like a lunatic in battles. It can ruin the emersion for me sometimes in games when you’re not too sure where to go and end up jumping up and down like a yo-yo against walls you can’t climb up.

  7. Hmm. Why not just make a new IP instead of stripping this one to the bone?

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