February 2019 Launch Confirmed For Crackdown 3, Wrecking Zone Mode Revealed

Cracking up?

With delay after delay after delay, it felt like Crackdown 3 might never come out. The most recent delay pushed it back to February 2019, and at XO18, Microsoft have pinned a more exact 15th February date on it. It’ll be bursting into Xbox Game Pass day and date.

Here’s another rather entertaining trailer featuring Terry Crewses. Yes, multiple Terry Crews…

At the same time, there’s a new game mode. Wrecking Zone is a new multiplayer mode for the game with two teams of five battling it out. You can smash through buildings, destroy buildings and more, in action that looks to really live up to the game’s original premise. Oh, and it’s all thanks to the Azure Cloud to power it. Remember the Cloud? It means that all the destruction will be identical regardless of if you’re on an OG Xbox One, Xbox One X or super-powered PC.

It features two maps – Blackout Zone and Nova Station – and two modes – Territory and Agent Hunter – and with lots of player customisation.

And remember how we reported on being able to download the original Crackdown for free? Well, as suspected, that’s a promotion for XO18 and will be running until 30th November.

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