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    There are 17 Trophies that can be collected.


    Destroyer Destroyer
    Sink 5 destroyers in campaign game mode

    Carrier Killer
    Sink a carrier in campaign game mode

    Torpedo Master
    Hit a moving ship with a torpedo

    Mind the Water
    Successfully land on carrier at mission’s end

    Ship Sinker
    Sink 20 ships in campaign mode

    Shoot down 100 enemy planes in campaign mode

    Good Show
    Place in top half in multiplayer match with at least 6 players


    Japanese Campaign
    Complete both IJN Campaigns

    American Campaign
    Complete both USN Campaigns

    Torpedo Wizard
    Hit a manoeuvring ship with a torpedo

    Aces High
    Reach maximum experience (255) with any pilot.

    Multiplayer Ace
    Perform 3 kills in row in MP

    Cracking Good Show
    Place first in multiplayer match with at least 6 players

    Multiplayer Veteran
    Play 15 multiplayer matches to the end

    USN officer
    Win 5 multiplayer matches with USN team

    IJN officer
    Win 5 multiplayer matches with IJN team


    Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers


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