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    There are 8 new Trophies in this DLC.


    Not Even a Scratch
    Defeat Ra’s al Ghul in the Unpaid Dues operation without allowing Felix Faust to take any damage

    A Soul Beating
    Defeat the Fused Soul at the end of the Soul Alchemy operation in 3 minutes or less

    Organic Gardening
    Defeat Swamp Thing in the Seeds of Rot operation without destroying any Children of Nature seed pods

    No Bedtime for Bozo
    Defeat Talia before the Bumbler Hellthrall is knocked out during the Black Dawn operation

    Fate in the Balance
    Complete the wave event at the start of the Wayward Sould operation without letting Doctor Fate get knocked out

    How to Train Your Wizard
    Unlock the Doctor Fate and Felix Faust Legend Battle Avatars

    Spirited Defence
    Complete the With a Vengeance operation without letting any spirits disrupt the summoning circle


    Runes to My Memory
    Collect all styles in the Runes of Norsemen set


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