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    There are 11 Trophies that can be collected.


    Online Hustler
    Hustle a player online.

    Trick Shot Wizard
    Complete all trick shots.

    License to Hustle
    Complete training mode.

    Career Victory
    Win a career mode game.

    Skill Shot!
    Swerve or Jump to pot a ball.


    Career Complete
    Complete career mode.

    Luck is an Art
    Beat someone else who has this trophy.

    Speed Freak
    8-Ball clearance in under 40 seconds.

    Online King
    Win 100 online games.

    Skill Player!
    Pot a ball using each of the 4 different skill shots: jump shots, swerve shots, bank shots and plant shots.


    Hustle King!
    Earn 100 million HKC hustling online.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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