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    There are 56 Trophies that can be collected.


    Game Clear – Beginner
    Clear the game on Final Mix: Beginner mode.

    The Adventure Begins
    Seal the Keyhole of Traverse Town.

    Alice in Wonderland
    Seal the Keyhole of Wonderland.

    Go the Distance
    Seal the Keyhole in Olympus Coliseum.

    Will Be in My Heart
    Seal the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.

    Whole New World
    Seal the Keyhole in Agrabah.

    Wish Upon a Star
    Escape from Monstro.

    Part of Your World
    Seal the Keyhole in Atlantica.

    This is Halloween
    Seal the Keyhole in Halloween Town.

    You Can Fly
    Seal the Keyhole in Neverland.

    Winnie the Pooh
    Seal the Keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.

    Complete Record
    Complete all entries on Jiminy’s Memo.

    Complete the “Story so far” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    Find all of Ansem’s Reports.

    Complete the “Character Encyclopedia” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    Top Breeder
    Find all puppies.

    Find all trinities.

    Mini-game Maniac
    Complete the “Mini-games” section of Jiminy’s Memo.

    King of Synthesis
    Create all items in the Synthesis Shop.

    Synthesis Newcomer
    Create 1 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    Synthesis Beginner
    Create 3 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    Synthesis Senior
    Create 15 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    Synthesis Expert
    Create 30 item in the Synthesis Shop.

    Gummi Ship Collector
    Obtain all Gummi Ship blueprints.

    Create your own Gummi Ship.

    Top Ace
    Clear all Gummi Ship courses.

    Test Pilot
    Clear Gummi Ship mission 1.

    Top Pilot
    Clear Gummi Ship mission 2.

    Ace Pilot
    Clear Gummi Ship mission 3.

    Blade Master
    Obtain all Keychains.

    Magic Master
    Obtain all staffs.

    Guard Master
    Obtain all shields.


    Unchanging Armor
    Clear the game without changing your equipment.

    Clear the game without using the “Continue” option.

    22 Secret


    The Non-Existant One
    Defeat the Mysterious Man in Hollow Bastion.

    The Shadow That Lurks in the Clock Tower
    Defeat Phantom in the Clock Tower.

    The Dancing Sword in the Sand
    Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.

    Junior Heroes
    Clear the Phil Cup.

    Newbie Heroes
    Clear the Pegasus Cup.

    Coliseum Hero
    Clear the Hercules Cup.

    Coliseum Master
    Clear the Hades Cup.

    Cold Giant
    Defeat Ice Titan in the Gold Match.

    One-Winged Angel
    Defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Match.

    Single Attack Champion
    Clear a cup in the coliseum with Sora alone.

    Time Attack Champion
    Clear the time attack of a cup in the coliseum.

    Treasure Hunter
    Open 100 treasure boxes.

    Hold over 10 thousand munnies.

    Heartless Hunter
    Defeat 2000 heartless.

    End of the World
    Seal the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion.

    Flying Ace
    Defeat 2500 enemy ships.

    Receive the Oathkeeper Keychain.


    Game Clear – Final Mix
    Clear the game on Final Mix mode.

    Stopped the level counter
    Reach level 100.


    Game Clear – Proud
    Clear the game on Final Mix: Proud mode.

    Reach The End of the World in less than 15 hours.


    KINGDOM HEARTS Complete Master
    Obtain all trophies.


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