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    There are 50 Trophies that can be collected.


    Escape King
    Clearaed the escape tutorial

    Poverty Elimination King
    Saved 100,000 Bol and built your first workhouse

    Half-baked King
    Cleared Liam’s tutorial

    Graveyard Submonster
    Obliterated Cow Bones

    Upchuck Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Yvonne

    Wavy Rock Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Clockwork Knight

    Owl Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Owl Yamanba

    Tom Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Ogre Ergo

    Mushroom Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Mush Bro

    Red Turnip Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Radeeze

    Shadow Forest Submonster
    Obliterated Mush Geezer

    All-time Submonster Champion
    Obliterated Blue Dragon

    Arrogance King
    Obliterated Onii Followers

    Sloth King
    Obliterated Troublesome Drunkards

    Face-stuffing King
    Obliterated Dessert-lovers

    Rage King
    Obliterated Blitzing Birds

    Greed King
    Obliterated Pervy Producer

    Naughty King
    Obliterated Casanova

    Envy King
    Obliterated Weirdo

    Holler at Tomorrow!
    Screamed at the Sea

    Onii Hunter
    Obliterated 100 Onii

    Smooch Monster
    Kissed a Princess 10 Times

    Karefree Kingdom
    Carefree Population Reached 100 People, Causing a Job Shortage

    Tyrant King
    Total Number of Incapacitated Citizens Reached 50

    JUMP! Cannon King
    Used JUMP! Cannon Over 50 Tries

    Weapon King
    Collected 15 Types of Weapons

    Change up King
    Acquired 20 Types of Outfits

    Wig-out King
    Acquired 20 Types of Masks

    Helper King
    Cleared 15 Quests

    Humanitarian King
    Cleared 30 Quests

    Explorer King
    Completed the Spot Encyclopaedia

    Conquistador King
    Completed the Monster Encyclopaedia

    Gourmand King
    Completed the Gourmet Encyclopaedia

    Animal King
    Completed the Animal Encyclopaedia

    Music King
    Completed the Humming Encyclopaedia

    Gem King
    Completed the Gem Encyclopaedia

    Development King
    Completed All Kingdom Plans

    Fat Bucks King
    Collected 100,000,000 Bol


    Together Forever
    Lived happily ever after with that special someone

    Bloooming Strength
    Lived happily ever after with a flowery person

    Sweet Future
    Lived happily ever after with a cute person

    Together Again
    Lived happily ever after with a mysteriously reunited person

    Sing a Song of Happiness
    Lived happily ever after with a person who loves music

    Unyielding Light
    Lived happily ever after with a supple and beautiful person

    Takin’ Care of Love
    Lived happily ever after with a pure and innocent person

    Just As You Are
    Lived happily ever after with a defiant person

    Legend King
    Completed the Record Encyclopaedia


    Hero King
    Stopped Destruction of the World

    Eternal Happiness
    Everyone Lived Happily Ever After


    Kingiest King EVER
    You fulfilled ALL accomplishments in the kingdom!


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