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    There are 36 Trophies that can be collected.


    Fast Learner
    Show us how quick you learn and complete all the tutorial missions

    Glug Glug Glug
    Go for a swim… a 5 turn swim

    One For The Money
    Start as you mean to go on and complete any single player level

    Scout Killer
    Kill 10 enemy Scout worms in online matches

    Soldier Killer
    Kill 10 enemy Soldier worms in online matches

    Heavy Killer
    Kill 10 enemy Heavy worms in online matches

    Scientist Killer
    Kill 10 enemy Scientist worms in online matches

    Kill an enemy worm through a physics object squashing them

    Boom Boom
    Kill a worm with an exploding physics object

    Use the ultimate weapon, the Concrete Donkey

    Home Sweet Home
    Enter 10 fort games with the same fort

    Repeat swing on the rope 5 times without touching the ground

    My Gun, My Kill
    Kill 10 enemy worms using a sentry gun

    Be greedy and collect 100 weapon or utility crates

    Act like Florence and collect 100 health crates

    Claymore More
    Drop mines like nobody’s business, 50 in fact

    New Kit
    Use the Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning and Crate Strikes once.

    Resurrect at least one worm using the Lightning Strike.

    Trampled Upon
    Kill at least one worm using the Buffalo.

    Buried Treasure
    Connect with a friend and unlock a gift in the Treasure area.


    War is hell, kill 300 enemy worms in online matches anyway, anyhow!

    Social Butterfly
    Enjoy the company of 20 others online

    Bug Gulp
    Kill 50 worms by sending them into the drink

    Buddy, Buddy
    Win 10 allied matches online

    The Hard One
    500 damage, in one turn? Go on then!

    Wrecking Ball
    Smash up one of each type of physics object

    How Rude!
    Win 5 games killing the last worm with a prod

    Death From Above
    Kill a worm using a weapon whilst on the parachute

    Strife on Mars
    Complete all the Mars downloadable content single player missions.

    Mars Rover
    Win at least 5 online games in the Mars theme


    The Trooper
    Prove you’ve got what it takes and complete all campaign missions

    Class Act
    Get all worm classes (4 x Scout, 4 x Scientist, 4 x Heavy).

    Upstairs Wares
    Got it upstairs? Show us by completing all the puzzle missions

    Kill 1000 enemy worms

    Flawless Mission
    Complete all five Mars campaigns without losing a single worm.


    Worm Winner
    Earn every trophy


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