Hidden Videos On The PSN

It’s like when new stuff gets added to the Xbox Live Marketplace – sometimes you can only find stuff by going through the most convoluted menus to get there, otherwise it’s hidden.

In this case, though, it’s done on purpose – follow these links to get the secret videos:

1 – Little Big Planet: Games / Downloadable games / Super Rub a Dub
2 – Ratchet & Clank: Ridge Racer add-ons / URFA Special Events Page 3
3 – NBA 08: Go! Puzzle Game Packs
4 – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune: View All / M-Q / Nany Drew
5 – SingStar: Blu-Ray disc trailers / Bruce Springsteen Live in Dublin
6 – Heavenly Sword: PS1 / Classic Games for PSP / PS3
7 – Folklore: View All / H – L / Lucky You

Naturally these refer to locations on the US store, chances are we won’t get these at all over here.