Famitsu interviews Kazunori Yamauchi

Famitsu has interviewed our Kaz, creator of the Gran Turismo series, on this October’s Prologue and what we can expect.

Key points from the interview:


The game will be released in Japan (no word on Euro/US date yet) on the 24th of October to coincide with the Tokyo Motor Show. However, the game will be playable at Leipzig this month, where Sony will announce the online features, including fully integration with Home. So, Home will be out for October?

There will be a ‘My Page’ section, which stores your friends list, event calendar and ranking, and will act as your gateway into the online community. Polyphony are aiming to emulate sites like My Space. In the final version of GT 5 (next year) they are aiming to have people walking around a town looking at cars, in a fully detailed city.

Prologue will have 40 cars and you’ll be able to race on 4 race circuits (with 8 different configurations, although we assume that just means ‘reverse’ modes). Prologue will not be an arcade mode – it’ll be more like GT mode where you have to win money and buy cars rather than just selecting them from a menu. Depending on how it goes, Prologue may have downloadable cars, and any money won and any cars owned will carry into GT 5 proper.

Cockpit view is definitely there, and you’ll be able to look around the cars’ interiors, and even appreciate the shine off the carbon fibre and the quality of the leather… In the full game you’ll be able to customise the interiors.

There will be 16 cars on track for full grid races, online may drop to 12, which is still great.

Translation source: Doctor_no over at NeoGAF.