5 Questions: Media Molecule

5 Questions We Ask Developers At Lunchtime:
Alex, Mark and Dave over at Media Molecule, currently working on the saviour of PlayStation 3: LittleBigPlanet.

1. What was the last game you played that made you think “ooh, this game is almost as good as ours”?
Alex: I’m not sure I ever make comparisons with our game because it makes me depressed. :) But I loved the look of Burnout 5 at E3, I was wowed by the camera work in Gears, and I love the style of Okami (though I didn’t play it! Just looked at it being played. Hmmmmmm).
Mark: Well, it’s a completely different style/size/ambition of a game, but I really played Blast Factor (from PSN store) a lot – I was very impressed with this game, especially for the team size.
Dave: Elite Beat Agents. Of course, it’s a much simpler game than LBP. You can’t help but feel happy when you play it, and there just aren’t enough games like that.

2. What’s your favourite SingStar song?
Alex: Pass. :)
Mark: Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back in Town.
Dave: Hmm…

3. Describe your game in exactly 5 words.
Alex: Off-its-tits communal jamming.
Mark: Playing, Creating, Sharing…… Done well.
Dave: Play, Create, Share with JOY.

4. The two guys arguing in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 about polycount and framerate – which one are you?
Alex: Polycount :) Sad.
Mark: Framerate – no juddering for me please!
Dave: I’m the guy who cares more about how fun it is :)

5. What’s next?
Alex: Coffee. Code. Tea.
Mark: A nervous breakdown.
Dave: Lunch.

Thanks to the guys at MM for their time, and we hope they enjoy their sandwiches. More fun-filled lunchtime ‘questions’ next time.