Insomniac show off PS3 Ratchet

Insomniac were one of the best developers on the PS2 and with Resistance: Fall of Man they’ve made a brilliant start on the PS3. The next big thing is their latest Ratchet game and last week they held a Preview Day to show off Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Insomniac showed with Resistance that they have a good grasp of the PS3 hardware already, but some of the stuff that the new Ratchet game does looks stunning. During a recent interview on the Insomniac podcast – The Full Moon Show – the head of their engine team said that developing for the PS3 isn’t as hard as the internet makes out, and as they become more familiar with the hardware the software will only get better.

The Ratchet series was peerless among platforming action games on the PS2 and it looks like Insomniac will continue the trend with the PS3.