Warhawk is out!

Warhawk is finally here – in the US at least.

It’s now out on the European PSN too.

It’s now on the US PSN ready for purchase. $40 will get you the game, which weighs in at around 800MB of download. Judging by the excellent reception it has received at 1Up, we think Warhawk is going to be pretty special.

We’d like to know what you think of the game, so let us know below.

See you in the sky…

Update 1: Those of you wishing to indulge in some game sharing with Warhawk might be sad to read this. Apparently, the game sharing has been disabled for Warhawk. It will only be playable via the PSN account that was used to buy the game, and then only on one PS3 in a 24-hour period.

Update 2: A lovely animation to get you in the mood for Warhawk. And some new screenshots too, just click on the Media/Downloads menu.

Update 3: The Official Blog announces the Warhawk launch with tales of derring-do against the crew from IGN.

Update 4: Sony have spoken regarding the DRM employed by the downloadable version of Warhawk. Here’s what they had to say – thanks to ThreeSpeech.