Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Demo Tonight

October is skateboard-game-month. First up we’ve got Skate, on the 5th of October, and then the latest in the Tony Hawk franchise, Proving Ground, on the 26th. Whilst EA claim they’ve finished off the PS3 demo for Skate and have sent it to Sony, it looks like it’s Activision first out of the block as a playable demo for THPG is due tonight on the PSN, although it’s unclear from the press release which country this is for, but we’re hoping for Europe, naturally. We’ll have full news of everything that’s due tonight later on today.

Update: FIFA 08, despite being available on the US PSN, won’t make it to the European PSN, due to a last minute glitch. We’ll hopefully get it next week.

Update: FIFA 08, despite previously being classed as ‘delayed’, is now on the European PSN. Go figure.