TGS 2007 – GT5 Prologue DEMO October 20th

Famitsu’s out and you’d better be standing by for the following megaton levels of exciting news, although we’re still a bit confused as to how this has happened.

Basically, there’ll be a demo of GT5 Prologue on October 20th in Japan, followed by the full game, on Blu-ray, mid December. The demo version will feature the new Skyline GT-R, and the full Prologue (it’s not clear whether this is the demo or not) will feature the Daytona track, the ability to watch car programmes from around the world (we’ve mentioned this before, mind – Top Gear!) and you’ll be able to use points gained from offline events in the final product to buy cars.

GT 5 Prologue Famitsu GT 5 Prologue Famitsu 2 GT 5 Prologue Famitsu 3

Credit to Duckroll and JonnyRam at NeoGAF for the initial translation, CreamSugar for the photos.